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International School Of Healing Arts

Prague, Czech Republic Seymour +420 601 333 149

Monika Klementová  (Czech or English)+420 602 695 929

USA & International  Seymour : +1 858 926 5845
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Holistic Healing-The Art Of Balance- Inspire The Journey

Our mission of Holistic Health and Healing is to help people to help themselves by recognizing and embodying the unique balance of nature that exists within each of us.
This ever -evolving balance guides our journey through the fulfillment of our dreams and life purpose.
iSOHA offers classes, career training and services that inspire the evolution of the soul
by helping our international community to navigate the ups and downs of life.
Nutrition, Chi Exercise, Massage, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Feng Shui, Yoga,
Emotional Healing through all our relationships, Hypnotherapy, Energy Therapies,, Herbology, Aromatherapy and more …
all keys to the door that unlock our innate ability to learn from adversity-
to embrace challenge and use it to create a centered home for the heart
filled with Vital Health, Peace, Freedom and Gratitude.

“Humane  Creativity is the bridge between serving one’s self and serving others”
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iSOHA bridges the space between modern mainstream society and the metaphysical healing arts of traditional cultures – A. Craven

Like the  fetus in the womb protected by the amniotic sac so the baby develops a healthy physical body, after birth our body becomes the protector of our  evolving soul. Thus, we are all pregnant and taking care of our health allows our soul to develop completely.
The final result being enlightened conscious.

                                                            In the nourishment of daily health
                                      awareness and manifestation of my soul’s life purpose becomes real
                                                      In every waking and sleeping moment
                                                     I am and share~ truth, passion and love~

contact iSOHA for Classes, Massage And Holistic Services

International School Of Healing Arts

Prague, Czech Republic Seymour +420 601 333 149


Monika Klementová  (Czech or English)+420 602695929

USA & International  Seymour : +1 858 926 5845
YOUR Chinese Astrology    Skype:seymourkoblin


Inspiring/ “Breathe in” Health .  Experience our Holistic Health services that are all based on each person’s ability to “Breathe In” Vital health by embodying the Art of Balance.
SO &  HA  are the  Ayurvedic syllables associated with the respective sounds of the inhale and exhale. Thus comes our motto, INSPIRING (inhaling) the Journey of Holistic Health – an affirmation for our clients  and international community from Prague, Czech Republic to San Diego, California USA

Many of our services like Auriculotherapy, magnets, Ear Candling and Massage offer immediate symptomatic relief from pains and other symptoms. While this is important, the iSOHA clinic also provides self help tools for clients to heal/help themselves. Recommendation with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle helps people to help themselves.

Massage Services

Combination East//West massage session
Our massage services include combinations of any of the following massage therapies: Relaxation/Parasympathetic, Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Pregnancy, Lymph Drainage, Structural Integration, Passive Joint, Acupressure, Auriculotherapy,  Ear Candling, Magnet Therapy, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Zen-Thai Touch, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Work.


Magnetic-Therapy and -Ear-Seeds Auriculotherapy-

Relaxed Client after Zen- “Stone” Shiatsu





Ear Candling for hearing, balance, relief from sinus congestion and indirect Kidney support


Alternative Therapies and Consultations:

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pumpkin-soup for regulation blood sugar levels

Nutritional Counseling & Herbology
Emotional Healing , Hypnotherapy Ear  Candling, Compresses, Home Remedies, and  Aromatherapy based on Eastern and Western principles with our organic SOHA essential oil blends.



Depending on different students’ or practitioners’ talents and specialties, various therapies will be recommended and applied during sessions. We also recommend combining  sessions with Corrective CHI or YOGA exercises. These alignment, breath and concentration based modalities, in combination with massage,   nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy  can alleviate most pains, tensions and can add years of healthy living to our lives.

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Experience healing through all the senses. Hear your inner voice. See your dreams become reality. Taste the essence of a rewarding life, Touch your hearts longing and Breathe the unique expression of your soul’s calling

Student Services: 600 KC
Sessions with Seymour and other advanced Practitioners:
800-1200 Kc

 Contact iSOHA For Classes, Massage and  Holistic Services

     International School Of Healing Arts

             Prague, Czech Republic
Seymour (English) +420 601 333 149
USA & International +1 858 926 5845

Monika Klementová  (Czech or English)+420 602695929
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