iSOHA Programs are our most in-depth study courses. They are intended for those who want the experience of a seasoned professional to mentor them and thus receive the highest level of Holistic Education  offered today. Full apprenticeship programs last from 1- 5years depending on the number of specializations one chooses to be proficient in. Also graduates and students of other educational institutions may transfer past credit hours to shorten the duration of the program and to lower the tuition. For continuing education, self wellness and to test the waters of our education we recommend starting with iSOHA individual classes

SOHA Programs require the following identical core classes:

Anatomy & Physiology                     100 hrs.
Holistic Business Practices                 8 hrs
Communication & Ethics                  15  hrs
Body Reading                                       15 hrs
Once these classes are done the student can focus on the specific subjects of one or more specialized program (Herbs, Nutrition, Massage, Zen-Touch™, Feng Shui etc.

iSOHA Programs

E/W aromatherapisat & herbalist Certification

In the 1000 hr HHP program the student can take  a few different  specialties  allowing him/her to obtain 2 or 3 separate specialty certifications within the HHP program.

I started by Teaching assisting a class and 6 months after my graduation I taught my first class in Massage. 15 years later, I have taught 100’s of students hw to help people to help themselves- such a blessing– S. Kolenova

iSOHA Programs

success as a Holistic Health Instructor

iSOHA Programs

I graduated from the School Of Healing Arts with a Holistic Health Practitioner education and Zen-Touch™-Shiatsu practitioner certification in 1999.

iSOHA programs

                                    Seymour Koblin Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu

My total accumulated hours exceeded 1000, which included a Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu education internship with the founder of this method and director of the school, Seymour Koblin.
I had previously began my education at IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork) with 200 hours of education with the basic requirements for a Massage Therapist license. My goal was to reach a Holistic Health Practitioner certification, which to include the body-mind-spirit concept of the Chinese Five Element System,  which after  extensive research, in it’s authentic method,  only to be taught at that school.  After graduation I founded in 1999 Networkers Holistic Health Home Service, which was joined by certified and licensed Holistic Health Practitioners, including some of my teachers from the School of Healing Arts, to provide this unique service to people who due to their lifestyle and unique wellness needs were not able to find a qualified practitioner, and prefer to enjoy these services in the privacy of their own home. For twelve years we also services Hotel Parisi in La Jolla which was build according to the Chinese Five Element System, and popular among guests and clients all over the nation and even overseas, to come for healing and rejuvenation. All of our Networkers practitioners have their own practise where they share the love of their work with many who seek alternative healing, and  provide complementary assistance that may support their individual medical healing process.

iSOHA Programs

I want to thank Seymour and all teachers that have helped me from early on, to realize my intentions to ‘help heal’, which therefore has assisted many of my over thousand clients in the past,  to achieve a grater sense of well-being. And I am, we are,  still doing that.

iSOHA Programs

successful iSOHA graduate

Love and Light,

Renate Nishio  hhp, nctmb

Our seasoned professional instructors teach students to “feel” –to “communicate through touch” how each body will best receive (depth of pressure, tempo of and specific strokes), both the techniques and the necessary quality of touch that motivates healing change.
Upon completion of certification, graduates will be qualified to work in day spas, chiropractors’ offices, or health clubs as employees, independent contractors or in their own business as entrepreneurs.

iSOHA Programs

iSOHA Programs

Successful Massage and Holistic Practitioner

“My training prepared me to be a highly  successful massage therapist. I work in one of San Diego’s longest running and most popular destination hotel spas as well as being in private practice for myself. I was hired because of both the wide variety of techniques in Eastern and Western massage I knew and the incredible reputation of this school. I have maintained my rewarding career here for so long because my clients returned again and again. I am proud to say that many of these clients said they returned to this specific hotel because of the massage services they received from me. 10 years later I feel blessed to be in this field and I thank- SOHA / ICOHS and my instructors for this valuable foundation in Massage Therapy and Holistic Health.”  S. Gines

iSOHA Programs

                               Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate



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