Soulmate – What does soul mate mean to you?  Is there one or more?
Many people believe that there is one soul mate- the “One” that each person is destined to be with -a person with both complementary common and opposite qualities that when united, the couple creates a related entity that exceeds the sum of each other’s individual contribution. This relationship is both fulfilling and transforming. Each soul grows in the presence of the other and in the face of any challenge, harmony, and deeper consciousness…love is both the guiding tool and continuous result.

One ancient point of view is that a Soul migrates from the dimension of infinity, and is divided before arriving in the world of duality that we refer to as the human plane- that which exists between heaven and earth. This soul division is consistent with the dimension of bodily experience where humans have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 lungs, 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 sides of the heart, and 2 sides of the brain, etc. The soul that is divided into 2 complementary opposite parts is magnetically drawn to reunite and in doing so spreads light and love to all other life forms. These complementary opposites were traditionally called woman and man and in a more modern liberal world, we acknowledge that complementary opposites can exist within any gender.
As divided souls begin manifesting in the relative world of duality, they are exposed to gravity, electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces that affect when and where they will materialize.  Hence an originally unified soul once separated and drawn into our world of time and space may be conceived and born into a different time and location than his/her original soul mate.
A Hebrew interpretation asserts that most of the time women’s’ souls are lighter and closer to the original source than men’s souls and as such the souls of women manifest later than men’s heavier souls who are drawn to earth quicker and take more time to mature.  Thus, younger women or lighter, more mature beings will find their counter male soul mate as being older. Interesting theory?

Also, soul development occurs through family bonds, We have soul brothers, sisters, mothers fathers grandfathers/mothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our souls also develop through deep relationships with friends as well as so-called enemies/adversaries/challengers.


A current husband or wife ideally understands the importance of their soul unification and supports the change in the relationship through a divorce.
One may believe that he has found his soulmate while the other disagrees. Patience and deep intuitive inquiry are necessary to resolve this difference.

Unity between people who lack any recognition of their Karmic Destiny as soulmates can be developed. Perhaps the greatest potential for union comes from people who are far apart in their original orientation to life, themselves, and their relationship. Great learning comes from adversity.

This Yin/Yang practice asserts that the greatest light comes from deep darkness. We sleep in a dark room at night to get a deep resting experience that energizes our activity throughout the daytime. Opposing, argumentative opinions when resolved by finding a win/win resolution, create greater bonds than an easy fix. YES, a Soul Mate Union can be created.
“Like  2 virgins for the very first time”

Family soul connections are founded in energetic ties as well as blood chemistry and genetics. Strangers develop blood chemistry closeness through eating, sleeping, and sharing fluids together. Deepening intimacy actually changes blood chemistry and the relationship forms a new entity derived from differences that conceive and birth a Soul Mate Union.

The study of assessing deep truth through human interactions is essential in spiritual development. Meditation, art, reading spiritual texts, exercise, music, dance are just some of the creative practices that help people to sense the essence of the many Life Stories- dramas that happen for us to discover deep Truth.
Centering ourselves in the midst of potentially reactive ego-centered behavior is another important step in getting to the deeper truth awaiting discovery within conflicting experiences.


Soulmate meltingMany believe that each soul attracts more than one significant soul mate along their life path. These special synchronistic connected souls are in each other’s life for a reason, a season, and/or for eternity. Such kindred souls may or may not be a lifelong partner and the relationship may take various forms-  best friend, advisor, lover, teacher, student, or relative.

The main difference between these two points of view is that in this second perspective, there may be one or more people during a person’s life path that has a deep impact on one’s soul. For example, Carmen lost her husband Jeremy, through illness. They were deeply bonded and considered each other soulmates. Carmen never imagined she could ever love someone with such depth. Nine years after Jeremy died, she met someone who she today, also considers being a soul mate.

Soulmate :
The word mate –

each of a pair of birds or other animals: a male bird sings to court a mate.
• informal a person’s husband, wife, or other sexual partners.
• informal one of a matched pair: a sock without its mate.

[in combinationa fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing: his tablemates.
• British informal used as a friendly form of address between men or boys:“See you then, mate.”
• British informal a friend or companion: I was with a mate | my best mate, Steve.

an assistant or deputy, in particular:• an assistant to a skilled worker: a plumber’s mate.
• a deck officer on a merchant ship subordinate to the master.
See also first mate.

[no object(of animals or birds) come together for breeding; copulate:successful males may mate with many females.
• [with objectbring (animals or birds) together for breeding.
• join in marriage or sexual partnership: people tend to mate with others in their own social class.
connect or be connected mechanically. [with objecta four-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed gearbox.

At Soul Date, Mate we encourage you to define, what a soul mate relationship means to you. Most people describe a mate as someone who has a profound influence on their growth. Words like safety, trust, challenge, unique, inspiration,  bonding, connection, fun,  joy, and of course love are usually mentioned.

What we do believe is that relationship is the single most important way to evolve consciousness. The deeper the relationship the deeper the evolution. We also believe that the evolution of the soul is the purpose of life and there are many diverse paths to get to this one truth. As an interfaith organization, we respect anyone’s choice of a religious or spiritual path.

SOUL-DATE -MATE, The Sacred Journey Game/App, Workshops and Counseling Sessions conducted by our Unity Coaches will help participants to access Truth and Soul Evolution through Relationship(s).

Who is a Soulmate to you


Soulmate Soul-Date


Soulmate Soul-Date

Soulmate Soul-DateSoulmate Soul-Date


Following, are some definitions we have provided to start the inquiry of your own meanings for words that we commonly use yet may have different meanings for different people.

Feelings/E-motions– Physical sensations that catalyze our motion through life. E.g. butterflies, shivers, chills, heat, tension, relaxation, dizziness, elation, balanced, centered- words like happy or sad, patient or frustration are terms often used to describe states of being that the body experiences when feeling an emotion. We encourage all participants at Soul Date to look within and explore personally relevant words that uniquely describe the physical sensations of any emotion and the location they show themselves at. In our orientation seminar, we explore how the emotions and feelings that come up in the relationship are sources of energy that evolve our life journey.

Brain- The key organ responsible for interpreting and organizing all human functions. The brain can categorize and label states of being/emotions. E.g. I feel sad when I read the news of the war. Modern developments in science are showing that the body’s sensory mechanisms are the first catalysts of awareness. The brain filters and interprets the primary signals of the five senses.  For example, when someone shakes our hand (sense of touch), it is the brain that takes a secondary role in interpreting whether we like or dislike this person. Most of the time interpretations are subconsciously noted.

Heart- Centered– A state of being where one naturally and intuitively feels and expresses emotions. ”I Love You”

Mind– The state where the brain recognizes, balances, integrates and coordinates the feelings expressed by heart-centered awareness:

“I sense warmth through my whole body when I witness the kindness of co-workers. “

Soul– The innate immaterial essence of every human being that motivates one’s life towards higher consciousness and spirituality through the experiences of relationship with self and other(s). The soul is the immaterial container of both personal and collective awareness/consciousness.

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The soul setup on Planet Earth?  The soul which is connected to all body, mind, emotional and physical stimuli, nourishes itself through resolving dualistic experiences (Yin/Yang). e.g. Hot /Cold. Happy / Sad, Pain/Pleasure, Light/Dark, Intimacy/ Separation

We appreciate happiness because we have felt sadness. We set up our lives to experience such polar opposite experiences to feed the growth of the soul. AND there are some polar opposite experiences that are too EXTREME to enhance our growth. E.g. extreme anger expressed in violence could weaken or even destroy the soul’s journey in one’s body.

Participants at SOUL DATE are looking to meet people who uniquely mirror the degree of polar behavior that instills complementary growth in each other.

Spirit– The innate immaterial essence of the universe that all beings recognize within themselves. Every human being aspires consciously or subconsciously to connect with and develop their personal expression of spirit……oneness, enlightenment, the attainment of unity with G-D, etc.. Experiences of spiritual transcendence seem to unify any polar opposite dualistic experiences and we thus experience a  sense a unity.

At Soul-Date, we encourage participants to honor their individual path of spiritual seeking and expression. There are many models, philosophies or religions that will resonate as a unique path for different people. Participants will ultimately choose to connect with people who reflect a compatible spiritual journey.


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