The Sacred Journey is based on the premise that relationships can be filled with  both fun and personal growth.  The energy derived from intimacy is the essential fuel that maintains the existence of our planet as well as the entire universe. The ups and downs as well as the love and beauty we experience in relationships overflows from us to make the world go round,- in ways that provide what everyone desires—“LOVE IN A PEACEFUL WORLD”

Follow the steps, take some chances and you will be surprised —

Sacred-Journey-Intimacy-GameOur souls like to be stimulated in ways that challenge us to explore deeper levels of awareness and closeness. Intimacy from the original Latin means “inner most.” There are definitely some challenging exercises in the app that will take you and anyone you participate with through what we trust will be a both fun and enlightening experience.

We welcome your questions, comments and inquiries- Unity Coaches from will be listed to help you play the Sacred-Journey app/game


A Game… of LOVE… Intimacy/ Inner most

Follow Your Shared Path to Deepen your Connection and Enhance Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Intimacy


Each step of your shared journey will bring you closer to understanding and experiencing your self through your interactions with your partner. The game is designed for singles, couples and it is possible for more than two people to play the game. Your scores will be anonymously tabulated and shared with other game participants.



Premise of the Journey– It has been conclusively proven through modern research that the greatest energy source available –the answer to the Planet Earth’s depleted resources- more than solar, wind or any gaseous or liquid fuel sources comes from the electrical charges circulating in and around our bodies.  It has also been demonstrated that one of the greatest methods to both generate and circulate this energy source is through emotional interactions between partners.

Compassionate bonding between couples has been shown to generate a flow of energy that can be stored and utilized for the power necessary to drive all our planetary needs. You have chosen to be participants and more accurately conductors of energy cultivation and circulation.  The energy generated from your “charged” responses through the following journey will be recorded by, collected and transmitted to central energy storage facilities located throughout the planet.

As you move through the steps of your journey, you will be asked to participate in varying levels of intimate opportunities and/or challenges.   Energy generation is proportional to the degree of challenge, resolution, joy, and ecstasy derived from the steps of the journey. The deeper you move into the expression of your soul physically, emotionally and spiritually, the greater will your gift be to yourselves, the planet earth and the universe. Have fun, and thanks for contributing to the well being of Planet Earth.



In a shared step (one that both partners are to participate in) one person will be selected to start. Each person has the privilege of passing on or complying with the request/step that has been drawn. If a partner passes, he or she will take another turn. A participant may pass for a maximum of 3 steps/turns. After 3 passed turns the participant will make an offering to the other player to substitute for his/her turn. Three offerings may be passed on by the receiver before the game either resumes or rests. Steps/Challenges are generated randomly by the app.

Either partner may choose to rest or pause the game. Note: passing usually has the effect of lowering the energy level and overall energy measurement of your game energy score. There are no winners or ending to the journey you play. There are simply rest periods before the journey resumes at another time. Participants will be able to compare their energy savings score to others internationally and participants can play with others in any location.

A number of concepts will be introduced throughout this game that will be more familiar to some than others. For this reason, it may in your best interests to go through some of the tutorials on subjects like communication skills, massage, or any other category that is unfamiliar to you. If you have any questions about any of the steps contact  or any of our unity coaches for personal advice.

Scores submitted online require a minimum of 20 minutes of game play and are recorded/tabulated in 20 minute increments.

TOOLS– Included in the game are:

 Characters: Participants will choose their “Mythical Being” before each game and assign themselves a couple name when submitting scores online.

 Music and Guided Imagery files- to orient partners on their step,.certain audio and video tutorials will be provided corresponding to different step skills along the Journey.

For Example

 Energy Center Map: You will be asked to refer to the popular energy map known as the 7 Chakras for different steps along your journey.




Some of the steps involve looking/inquiring within to find words, feeling and even physical sensations that correspond to the experience of each step. The word Feel and Feeling(s), are used throughout the steps. Most of us have never been educated on “how to feel” and the Sacred Journey will likely help participants to become more sensitive to feeling the sensations within one’s body mind spirit. Take your time, breathe, and instead of using familiar phrases when communicating, let new, inwardly original words surface- INTUITION. You will be surprised at what comes out.

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